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  • ≃ 6minAWater Footprint

    Your diet influences climate change.

  • ≃ 7minBCarbon Footprint

    Your shopping affects air quality.

  • ≃ 5minCMaterial Footprint

    Your rubbish uses up the Earth’s resources

  • ≃ 3minDTopsoil Footprint

    Your consumption causes deforestation.

A journey that will change your life


No Ecological


A journey that will change your life

Make your footprint

Your whole life you keep hearing the same phrase: “Climate change is frightening, we have to stop it.” But how can I do that? With small changes to our habits and customs we can save our environment. You just have to know which are the right choices for reducing your ecological footprint, your impact on the Earth.

What is this experience?

'No Footprint' is an interactive documentary presented by the actress Irene Escolar which lets you explore the key ideas you need to reduce your footprint. Because only by each of us taking individual responsibility can we bring about a global change.